Where are your espadrilles made?
Our espadrilles are hand-made in London

What are your espadrilles made of?
Our espadrilles are made from durable 100% cotton canvas and woven jute, a tough, environmentally friendly, plant based fibre. To prevent fraying and ensure longevity, the soles are made from hard-wearing rubber. 

What about shipping?

Your espadrilles will be shipped out 2-3 days after your order is placed. 

Can I return the Espadrilles?

Due to the fact that our espadrilles are hand-made and made to order, we can only offer a 7 day warranty if the item is faulty.

How can I know what my shoe size is in international sizes?

Please refer to the chart below in order to convert shoe sizes. 

Why Does it take so long to receive the Cartucho or ElJefe shoes?

The ElJefe, and Cartucho are made to order, meaning that we do not carry any stock for these shoes. Rather once an order is placed we create the shoe especially for you. 

How long does it take to receive the Eljefe or Cartucho shoe?

These shoes can be expected to be completed in about 2-3 weeks. After which shipping time will depend on your country. 

How about the espadrilles?

We hand craft the espadrilles as well, however they are ready to be shipped after 2 - 3 days.